- 6mm AR

- 6 AR Turbo 40˚ Improved
- 6mm HAGAR
- 22 Beast
- 224 AR
- 20 Practical
- 20 Tactical
- 30 ARX

Our commitment to accuracy is paramount.

From the reloading bench to the firing line, we understand that the only way to ensure the best accuracy is with the best components. 

We use and sell premium components from trusted manufacturers to ensure that when you pull the trigger, your shot will hit its mark!

AccuracY Second to NonE

Need a new barrel?  Don't Wait!

We stock premium quality barrel blanks in many of the most popular contours so you do not have to wait for you next re-barrel.



We offer dies sets for some of the most accurate wild-cat rounds that you will not find anywhere else. In addition, our cartridges are all designed to be easy to use so you can spend less time at the bench and more time beating your competition.

Dies &

Reloading Tools

From our custom builds, to our in-stock popular configurations, our complete uppers are all with the highest attention to detail, to ensure that you will get the best accuracy possible from your custom AR-15 upper.


AR-15 Uppers


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- 6mm Dasher
- 6mm BRX
- 6mm SLR
- 243 Imp 30˚
- 6.5 SLR
- 263 Imp 30˚
- 6 XC II

We support some of the world's best competition cartridges and work to provide you with the info you need to use them in your next competition.

Welcome to the directory listing for our various supported cartridges. Here you can browse and quickly access our veritable library of data we have for our favorite rounds. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for you can check out our master list or contact us directly.